Monday, September 19, 2011

Three Kings by IGT

Slot machine name:  Three Kings

Manufacturer: IGT

Slot Type: Video

Lines: 100 lines

Reel dimensions: 5 reels, 4 symbols per reel.

Bonuses: Three progressive free spin bonuses with extra wilds.

Rebranded: No known equivalents

Progressive:  Progressive free spin sets

Author's Rating: 6.5 / 10.

Three Kings is a relatively new offering from IGT which introduces the concept of a progressive free spin meter. The number of free spins per bonus builds up as a player plays. The number of spins for each bonus is displayed on the upper display, while the game itself is played on the lower display.

Players are only eligible for the progressive free spins when playing max bet, generally 125 credits, which includes 100 paylines and 25 credits towards the bonus feature. If a player is not playing max bet, each bonus type will provide ten free spins.

This game pays as usual on each payline, plus scatter pays for lion heads. The game features stacked wild symbols during both bonus games and the regular game.

In order to trigger a bonus, the player must match three of the same color lion heads. Green heads appear on reels 1-3, red heads on reels 2-4, and purple heads on reels 3-5.  Green heads provide the most free plays (starting at 50 when playing max bet), while purple provide the fewest (starting at 12 with max bet.)

When a player triggers bonus spins, lion heads of the triggered color and lower become wild. That is, if a purple bonus is triggered, purple heads become wild. If a red bonus is triggered, red and purple heads become wild. If a green bonus is triggered, all lion heads become wild.

Although enjoyable, this game sucks money away quickly if you aren't lucky enough to trigger a bonus round quickly. Don't bother to play without betting the maximum, as you'll miss out on the extra free spins, which is the whole point of this machine vs. others.

Also, the green and red bonuses are significantly harder to get than the purple bonus. Expect to pump in several hundred dollars if you want to see the green lion heads.

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