Monday, October 24, 2011

Sea Tales by WMS

Slot machine name:  Sea Tales

Manufacturer: WMS Gaming

Slot Type: Video Reel

Lines: 30 lines.

Reel dimensions: 5 reels, 3 symbols per reel.

Bonuses: Free spins bonus, 5-of-a-kind upgrade feature

Rebranded:  Part of the WMS G+ Deluxe series, shares features with numerous other machines.

Progressive:  Casinos may opt to turn on a major and minor progressive on this machine.

Author's Rating: 8.5 / 10.

Sea Tales is part of the WMS G+ Deluxe line of slot machines. This particular machine sports a sleek looking mermaid theme, and oversized bonus symbols, which I personally think look pretty sleek.

Sea Tales features an optional local progressive jackpot - your casino may or may not have it turned on. If it is turned on, you will see the two progressive jackpots in the upper left and right corners of the upper screen. The minor progressive jackpot starts at $25 and must hit by $50. The major progressive starts at $250 and must hit by $500. Each progressive can be won after ANY win - and the chance of winning the progressive jackpots is better when wins are bigger (this means betting higher increases your chance of winning the progressive slightly.)

An interesting twist which Sea Tales (and the other G+ Deluxe machines) throw in is that rather than the progressive jackpots increasing after a certain amount of coin in, they increase after a certain amount of credits have been won. This means that if you hit a long dry spell, not only will you not be winning any line hits or bonuses - the progressive totals won't be moving up either!  In my experience it takes about 150 - 200 credits won to move the progressives up by 1 cent.

Sea Tales has a five of a kind feature, which activates when any 5-of-a-kind is hit, including those using wilds.  During this mini feature, all symbols which make up the 5-of-a-kind are changed to a random higher paying symbol. After the symbols change, the win is paid again at the upgraded rate, along with any new lines the symbol change may have activated. This feature can be triggered during bonus spins as well.

Three or more over sized mermaid symbols trigger bonus spins. The symbols do not have to appear on a payline. 3 symbols trigger 10 spins, 4 symbols 25 spins, and 5 symbols 100 spins. Getting 3 or more bonus symbols will re-trigger the bonus and add the stated number of spins.

Like all the G+ Deluxe machines, this one can go through major dry spells. There's a high variety of symbols and a relatively small number of wilds, so it can be hard to get even small pays. 5 of a kinds, when they do come, tend to pay very well due to the upgrade feature - expect at least 15x your bet when you hit one.

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