Thursday, June 21, 2012

Forbidden Dragons by WMS

Slot machine name:  Forbidden Dragons

Manufacturer: WMS

Slot Type: Video / Colossal Reels

Lines: 100 lines (usually 50 credits minimum bet)

Reel dimensions: One reel set 4x5, and one colossal reel set with 12x5

Bonuses: Free spins bonus round

Rebranded:  Van Helsing Colossal Reels is an exact reskinned copy.  Also shares many features with other Colossal Reel games.

Progressive:  No progressive.

Author's Rating: 9 / 10

Forbidden Dragons is the most fun I've had playing a slot in quite a while.  I've played multi-games before, but this was my first venture into the Colossal Reels series.  The game features a standard 5x4 reel set on the left, and a gigantic 5x12 reel set on the right.  All reels stop in sequential order from left to right.

If a player manages to fill a whole column in the left reel set with stacked wilds, then that entire column of wilds transfers over to the 5x12 set of reels on the right also, creating a gigantic 12 wild symbols!

The bonus free spins can be initiated by getting three or more bonus symbols. The symbols appear on reels 1,3, and 5 of both the 5x4 reel set and the 5x12 reel set. A player only needs 3 total bonus symbols to trigger the bonus. That is, you can get one bonus symbol on the 5x4 set and two bonus symbols on the 5x12 set and that would still trigger the bonus.

During the bonus spins, any pays that you pull off on the right colossal reel set are multiplied by five. This is creates a bit more volatility than the other games in the colossal series, but can create some pretty big pays.

Overall I found this game quite fun, and one of the more original concepts I've seen from WMS recently.  I'd suggest you give it a few spins and see what you think.

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