Sunday, September 6, 2020

Casino Gear - the GambleBox


The GambleBox

Admit it- we've all been there. The jackpot finally comes and you get a big payout. You cash the ticket and put all that money in your wallet or purse. You're riding high!

Then the end of the night comes, you go to look at your money, and you're amazed at how little of your win you have left. You gave most or all of it back to the casino.

Well there's a solution for that!  Pick up the Gamblebox Gambling Personal Pocket Cash Drop Lock Box - a simple concept with a great execution. The top of this metal box has a slot to put in your bills, and has a simple key lock on the front to open it. Slide in some bills from your win - any amount you want to "lock in" - and leave the keys at home. You're protecting your winnings from yourself!

The box is black, sleek, and light. It comes with two keys so that you can leave one at home and place a second somewhere else just in case. It even comes with a red velvet bag to prevent scratching.  It's thin enough to slide into a pocket or purse easily.

At only $22.95, it's way cheaper than giving most of your jackpot back to the casino. It's an easy choice to pick one up now!

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